Your private invitation to...

Meet Your Muse,
Access Newfound Creativity, And Unlock
The Song of Your Life

Nov 3rd - 7th 2023

Hilo, Hawaii

A beautiful container for anything you want to happen”

~Pamela M.

What does it mean to write the song of your life?

It’s not just a song… it’s a personal breakthrough.

For some, it means leaving a legacy.

For others, it means capturing one precious detail and expressing it boldly.

And for others, it means awakening something powerful from within.

Writing the song of your life means freedom.

Freedom from the idea that it’s too late or you’re too busy or it’s too hard to develop your most playful, artistic, and creative self.

Freedom from the idea that music can only be cherished by the great, the uber-talented, or the chosen ones.

Freedom to fully express yourself through music whether or not you’ve done it before.

98% of People Die Without Ever Achieving Their

We invite you to join us for a luxury vacation and songwriting retreat.

Experience the magic of the music within you.

Join us and write the song of your life.

Your private invitation to a luxurious and eccentric Hawaiian Vacation,

where you’ll journey to the center of your heart,
 discover YOUR personal music breakthrough,
 and create your very own masterpiece.
 (no musical ability required)

Are you ready to meet your muse, channel
your message, and make the music only you can make?

RSVP below for this one-of-a-kind experience

This is a highly curated group, where everyone who shows up MUST be all in on this experience. Trust us, it’s worth it!

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What You’ll Experience

You’ll be rejuvenated.

One of the most gorgeous ocean views in Hawaii (in our opinion), five-star dining, morning yoga sessions, world class happy hours, and a wide array of creature comforts await you in the Bliss Island Resort. Get rested and awaken your creative genius.

  • Juices, tonics, and nutritious mouth watering meals to revitalize you.
  • Morning yoga sessions to start your day off strong.
  • Luxury rooms and amenities for a white glove vacation experience.
  • Private massages for every guest

You’ll write and perform YOUR song.

With or without musical experience, whether you’re a complete newbie or a professional musician, Dave and Steve will teach you the process of writing an epic song infused with your message.

  • One-on-one and group sessions with Dave and Steve.
  • Private coaching to help you discover your message or idea.
  • Keyboards, guitars, and other tools to help you bring your song to life.

You’ll wake the F– up.

With nature, with your inner child, with your muse… you’ll get in touch with all of the pieces of you that have been pushed to the back burner.

  • Daily nature excursions where you can lose yourself in the Hawaiian experience.
  • Group sessions to help you explore your inner self and find your song.
  • Sensory experiences to help awaken your muse.

Side Effects of Attending the Song
Of Your Life Retreat Include:

It’s glorious to see.”


Are You The Right Fit For Our Curated Guest List?

The Song of Your Life is for people who are ready for a break from the hustle and
grind. It’s for people who are curious enough about themselves to look inside, boldly
try something new, and get playful with their creative energy.

We don’t want…

People who are closed off to new experiences.

Those who don’t feel comfortable in group settings.

Observers, bystanders, or anyone who doesn’t want to participate.

I’ve watched every last guest become courageous.


If you’re ready to meet your muse, unlock your talents, and explore something more in life, join us.

Our Experiences

Some of us never considered ourselves musical.

Some of us have finally been reunited with our passion for music.

Some of us really surprised ourselves

Bliss Island Resort

Experience the quintessential Hawaiian vacation at Bliss Island
Resort. This luxury stay is designed to surround you with
nurturing and bliss while you focus on YOU. Here you’ll

Private rooms featuring 5-star linens and amenities, a private lanai with a panoramic ocean view, and a private jacuzzi.

Gourmet dining from a world-class chef catered to any dietary restriction and featuring fresh, local, organic food.

On-site gym, morning yoga sessions, and sunset happy hours.

White glove service with a hotel staff that cares for your every need.

Bliss Island is the ideal resort for hosting the Song of Your Life Retreat, wrapping you in a cocoon
of luxury and tranquility as you journey inward to find your song and bring it to life.

The Song Of Your Life Itinerary

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Your RSVP To The Song of Your Life Retreat

Only 22 Spots Available

This is a highly intimate experience. A lot can come up when you’re tapping into your creativity, and we want to make sure everyone feels safe to let loose and play big.

For that reason, before you make your deposit we’ll need to hop on a call. This “vibe check” call is just an informal conversation to make sure that you and this experience are a perfect match.

Looking forward to talking with you soon!


November 3-7, 2023


Bliss Island Resort In Hilo, Hawaii


$7500 All Inclusive

Meet Your Songwriting Team

About Dave

After ten years of drumming for the Tins, Dave has taken his creative pursuits and love of words towards his breakout solo career as Davey Harris. With over 1000 songs written and millions of streams worldwide, Dave is a lyrical wizard who has unlocked the secret formula for writing great songs. He now uses these talents to help uncover peoples’ life messages and transforms them into songs. This is the work that inspired him to found the Song of Your Life Retreat.

About Steve

Steve plays saxophone for the electronic-pop duo Marian Hill and produces his own sax-tastic music. His talents have led to world tours from Boston to Beijing, opening for Alt-J and blowing his horn at Coachella and Lollapalooza. Steve is passionate about helping others unlock their latent creative potential and lives to serve others profoundly through his own coaching practice.

Meet Your Wellness Team

About Cassandra Vitale

Cassandra has been a yoga teacher, studio owner, and wellness professional for 13+ years. She will be leading our yoga sessions and energizer breaks throughout our time together. She will also be offering an optional EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) during the retreat.

About Jason and Jocelyn
Fee Miller of Panacea Holistic Institute

Jocelyn and Jason are the founders of Panacea Holistic Institute. They are both master massage therapists and will be providing complimentary massages for all SOYL attendees. Jocelyn will also be leading a sound healing experience during the retreat.


A: This retreat is designed for anyone with a song in their heart. We welcome you whether you’re an experienced musician or have never picked up an instrument in your life…or if you fall somewhere in between. We will be walking you through a proven process to take you from idea to completed song during the course of the retreat.

A: You can bring a travel-sized instrument if you want, but it’s not necessary. We’ll have keyboards and guitars on site and Steve can help you create a backing track for your song.

A: No, everyone has a unique voice. You may have a vocal breakthrough. You may discover your singing voice. No matter what, you’ll be able to express your song.

If you’ve never studied music but wanted to, this retreat is for you. If you used to be into music and long to get back to it, this retreat is for you. If you’re a professional musician looking to write the best song of your life, this retreat is for you. And if your creative interests lie elsewhere but you’d like to give music a shot, this retreat is for you.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Payment plan options are available, though we address these on a case by case basis.

Because this retreat is designed not just to teach music, but to help you tap into your deepest meaning and find your life’s message, this retreat is definitely for you. The goal here is to create an epiphany and help you create the best work of your life.

The most intense physical activities we do are walking and yoga. There is an olympic gym on location, along with daily free time, for your personal preferences. We encourage comfortable work out footwear and clothes, but you could get by with jeans and flip flops.

Our gourmet chef gladly accommodates all dietary requests with the freshest and tastiest options for you! Also, we have plenty of delicious mocktail options during happy hour!

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